Pathblazer (previously CompassLearning)

This section provides detailed replies to frequently asked questions. If you have a question or topic you think fits in this section, please contact Dave Blanchard.

"CompassLearning" Help section​

Using the "Support" link at the bottom of the log-in page provides access to a searchable database of knowledge articles, videos, and best of all a phone number to a US based help agent that can answer nearly any question and provide step-by-step support (also available via chat). 

As emphasized during the trainings, Dave Blanchard is the direct support person from the Teaching & Learning Department for Pathblazer. If you have any questions feel free to use the "support link", ask your building coach/principal, or email me directly.  When emailing the department, please be detailed and include student name and the "activity code" (this code is listed on each activity).​ The inclusion of this information greatly accelerates troubleshooting your concern and we can get a more detailed response to you more efficiently. 

Missing students

If you have students or new "move in" students, please notify your academic coach. Coaches will verify the student is new to the district and create a new account if needed. If you know that your student is transferring between schools, please email me for a transfer.

NWEA/MAP Paths not updating

Student learning paths are updated 36-48 hours after they complete the NWEA/MAP test. If a student tests within the same RIT range, that specific strand path will not update as they are at a "good fit". Each strand activity has the testing date listed in parentheses.  *If learning paths do not update and you confirmed the student RIT range changed, please email me immediately. 

How can we "get past" the worksheets?

Pathblazer generates worksheets which align with the learning paths of students for specific RIT/Strand paths. 
To advance past a worksheet follow these simple steps:
    - While the student is logged in, open the worksheet activity window
    - Click the worksheet link
    - Close the worksheet window/tab - not the entire browser window
    - Click the "Finish Button" on the activity window (this will close the window and mark the activity as complete).

Duplicate NWEA/MAP paths (Fall 2017)

Due to a test window conflict, some students may be noticing duplicate learning paths for their NWEA/MAP generated activities (this conflict will not occur during the winter testing window). These additional activities cause no harm to student work and may be identical learning paths. Please encourage your students to select the newest path to work on, each strand activity has the testing date listed in parentheses. If you would like to delete the duplicate paths, please follow this procedure

How do I create custom assignments again?

Please check out the linked support document for an easy "step by step" procedure.

Deleting assignments that I created

If you created additional assignments, or assignments with an error (such as the wrong strand), please follow this procedure to delete activities from your student profiles.

Running reports

Please check out the linked support document for an easy "step by step" procedure on running reports, and reading reports.

Principal reports

Principals will be receiving monthly reports of classroom and student usage to highlight success,​ assist in directing support, pd, and identify areas for courageous conversations. 

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