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Committee Member List for 2018-2019

posted Jun 3, 2018, 3:14 PM by kdaniels@c-ischools.org   [ updated Jun 3, 2018, 3:15 PM ]
We would like to recognize everyone that is serving on of the the Teaching & Learning Committees. Your leadership is appreciated! As you may know, decisions are not made without having input from various stakeholders including our teachers, academic coaches, integration specialists, school principals, and even our parents and community members. 

Teaching & Learning Advisory: Krisanne Wessel, Kyle Groves, Chad Filley, AnnMarie Guldseth, Trina Godfrey, Rhonda Malecha, Randy Pauly, Chad Gerlach, John Droubie, Miranda Block, Tammy Kraft, Kristin Daniels, TBD Data & Assessment Coordinator, Dave Blanchard, Shelley Schwab, and roughly 20 parent and community members

District Instructional Leadership Team: Katie Sohn, Sarah Knudsvig, Elizabeth Young, Josh Brantley, Katie Walker, Jill Carlstrom, Sara Edwards, Kim Nelles, Darla Peterson, Shane Dordal, Scott Peterson, Charlie Burroughs, Pam Austad, Jim Godfrey, Shelley Schwab, Michelle Glasgow and other Teaching & Learning Coordinators pending agenda items

District Professional Development Committee: Jay Palmer, JoAnn Long, Laura Fredenburg, Jessica Faust, Carol Hanson, Deb Becker, Kim Goodmanson, Rebecca Feigum, Lydia Sanislo, Anna Nitti, Carrie Christenson, Bret Lemm, Julie Herrity-Weidenborner, Lynda Skalicky, Lisa Jennissen, Trisha Roiger, Brenda Damiani, Mark Ziebarth, Jackie Alderman, Christi Voce, Tanya Siedlecki, Kristin Hall, Julie Williams, Michelle Glasgow, Dave Blanchard, Shelley Schwab, and Terri Olson

District Technology Advisory: Ann Marie Guldseth, Tanya Siedlecki, Shawn Kirkeide, Darla Peterson, Rhonda Malecha, Mark Ziebarth, Randy Pauly, Chad Gerlach, Michael Porta, Kristin Daniels, Rob Swanson, Patrick Morrow, Jackie Alderman, Ray Sperl, Dave Blanchard, and Rance Eberhardt

District Assessment Committee: Sara Edwards, Kristin Hall, Shawn Kirkeide, Darla Peterson, Angie Reed, Chad Gerlach, Randy Pauly, Scott Peterson, Shane Dordal, Patrick Morrow, Michelle Glasgow, and  Data & Assessment Coordinator

District Curriculum Committee: Heather Bednar, Becky Strand, Thea Lowman, Lorie Phillips, Tanya Siedlecki, Rhonda Malecha, Charlie Burroughs, Brenda Damiani, Data & Assessment Coordinator, Ray Sperl, Michelle Glasgow, Dave Blanchard, Shelley Schwab, and Julie Williams

Also a very special thanks to the Building Instructional Leadership Teams (BILT) and Technology Integration Leadership Teams (TILT) at each school! Your ongoing commitment to the success of your school is appreciated!