Why is the application so short?
We have changed the process a little bit over the last year. This first application is the preliminary application. We are trying to move away from the Innovation Program being a “technology grant" and more about problem solving in the district.  If your problem is selected, you will come in for an interview in front of an Innovation Committee and things will proceed from there.  Everyone who interviews with the Innovation Committee will be asked to agree to being open about the solution. For example, you might have an idea for how to solve your problem, but once the process starts and you begin working with your collaborative team, you might shift directions a little bit and end up with a solution to your problem that looks different that your originally proposed solution. This is a part of the innovation process!

Is there a money amount attached to each application?
No. Each proposed problem begins with the formation of a collaborative innovation team. This innovation team can be comprised of grade level teammates, PLC members and/or building coaches. If your problem is selected, you will work with your team to research your problem and refine your proposed solution. Only then will you present a budget to the Innovation Committee.

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