Session Type Descriptions



Facilitated Discussion sessions are an opportunity to dialogue with colleagues with the help of guiding questions found as a resource in the session list or from a topic facilitator.


Opportunity to Connect sessions are a time for colleagues who don't often get precious face-to-face time to sit down and talk about their work. Cross district collaboration is especially encouraged in these sessions.

Informative, Hands-On sessions are a time to gather bits of information and apply immediately! Discussion about best practice in the classroom is encouraged. Facilitators are there to help you explore.


Collaborative Work sessions are an opportunity for you to sit down with your colleagues and dig in. This is your TIME! Brainstorm new ideas, share best practices or tackle a project with your team.


Informative sessions are the most traditional type of session. Typically these sessions will have a start time (although not an end time) and there will be someone who will present or share information. Definitely a time to ask questions and glean wisdom from your colleagues!


Required sessions are a way for us to make sure everyone has the right information or skills across the district. Although required, these sessions are designed to meet your needs. If you have completed the requirements of the session, you are free to leave! Woo HOO!