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Introduction to Vertical Alignment of Standards - March 11, 2016


Introduction to Standards Prioritization


What are Priority Standards?


 Review Standards
Access to Standards Documents Below
(remember you have to "pop" open the document in order to be able to edit it)


 Next Steps

Why Use Scales?

K-8 Scales Examples

9-12 Example Scales


There are many complete 
detailed scales within the 

Directions for use:

  • Click “Sign In” at the top

  • Create an account

  • Along the blue bar at the top, find and click “Free Resources”

    • Select “Proficiency Scale Bank”

  • Select appropriate options to narrow down your search:

    • Subject

    • Strand

    • Measurement Topic

    • Keyword

    • Grade


Pam Austad

Trina Godfrey