Blended Learning 101 - Learning Goals

Blended Learning 101 - CORE lessons (4 hours) will include the skills and knowledge necessary to begin using cloud applications in your professional work, integrate technology in the classroom, and create blended learning opportunities for your students. Completion of all four CORE lessons are required for compensation. All online lessons are hosted in Moodle and will require a district Moodle account. Each lesson includes learning resources as well as opportunities for feedback and reflection. These lessons can be accessed online to fit your own schedule and ability. However, if you prefer, you can work to complete these lessons during designated workshop times (July 27th, 8 - 12pm, August 24th 12-4pm, August 29th 1-5pm).

Blended Learning 101 - CORE Lessons 

Lesson 1 - What is the Cloud?, Technology in the Classroom

Learners will understand the concepts of “cloud” computing.

Lesson 2 - Introduction to the Chrome Browser and Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

Learners will understand how to utilize the Chrome Browser and Google Apps in their work.

Lesson 3 - Organizing, Creating and Sharing Digital Content

Learners will understand how to organize, create, and share digital content.  

Lesson 4 - Dynamic Student Learning Environment

Learners will be able to identify instructional strategies for online learning, including 
the use of digital content and student feedback to differentiate learning for all students.