April 13th

Here are some webinars and presentations for April 13. You can watch them throughout the day or during the afternoon slot dedicated to "webinars on your own". Note that you will need to register for some of the webinars. 
Once you finish the webinar or presentation, complete these reflections questions in a Google Doc. You will share this Google Doc. when you submit your final CEU for the day. The form will be sent at the end of the day and will be due by Friday. 


    Title of Presentation

    Create a brief, bullet-point list of the main ideas.

    Reflection: Describe how the ideas presented in this webinar might impact your professional practice now and in the future.

    What is one idea/strategy from this webinar that you plan to implement in the next few weeks? How can you adapt the ideas for Distance Learning?

Note: We will have one CEU form for the day.

Compassion Fatigue and Self-Care (self-paced slideshow) Terri Emmons IMS/MNC Counselor

ASCD Webinars  

Designing and Using Authentic Tasks and Projects for Meaningful Learning and Assessment with Jay McTighe, Kristina Doubet, and Eric Carbaugh (March 10, 2020)

All Learning Is Social and Emotional: Helping Students Develop Essential Skills for the Classroom and Beyond with Nancy Frey (February 28, 2019)

The New Three Rs: Trauma-Invested Strategies for Fostering Resilient Learners with Kristin Souers and Pete Hall (March 5, 2019)

Your Students, My Students, Our Students: Rethinking Equitable and Inclusive Classrooms with Lee Ann Jung and Nancy Frey (December 12, 2019)

Literacy Strong All Year Long: Powerful Lessons for Grades K–5 with Valerie Ellery, Lori Oczkus, and Timothy Rasinski (January 30, 2020)

Shifting Our Thinking About Educational Technology: How to Place Tasks Before Apps with Monica Burns (November 7, 2017)

Project-Based Teaching: Fine-Tuning Instructional Strategies for Deep Learning with Suzie Boss and John Larmer (October 23, 2018)

Teaching to Strengths: Supporting Students Living with Trauma, Violence, and Chronic Stress with Debbie Zacarian, Lourdes Alvarez-Ortiz, and Judie Haynes (September 19, 2017)

Building on the Strengths of Students with Special Needs with Toby Karten (April 25, 2017)

Technology Training Videos by Patrick Morrow- watch any of the recorded videos that you have not already seen. 

Educational Blogs and Podcasts (don't want to watch a webinar? spend some time on a blog- complete the same reflection form)

Cult of Pedagogy

Google Teacher Podcast

50 Ways to Use Screencastify in the Classroom